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Valentine's Day Transfer Sheets At Chef Rubber
Culinary Airbrush Kits From Chef Rubber
Natural Colored Cocoa Butter From Chef Rubber
Natural Powder Colors From Chef Rubber
Winter House Transfer Sheet From Chef Rubber
Color Brix For Chocolate From Chef Rubber
Pure organic Vermont maple syrup
Iwatani Butane Stoves From Chef Rubber

Chef Rubber provides Artisan Chefs the finest components with which one refines creative inspiration.

Color Brix From Chef Rubber


Splendid saturation! White couverture and compound coatings never knew color like this.
Chef Rubber, Action!

Chef Rubber… Action!

Kick back a bit and watch videos of genuine Chef Rubber products in the hands of the pros!
Fat Dispersible Powder Colors From Chef Rubber

Natural Powder Colors

Become in-fat-urated with our new collection of all natural fat dispersible powder colors!
Isomalt From Chef Rubber


Versatile, beautiful, a true culinary artist’s medium! Learn to use isomalt and take creation to the next level.

Ingredients and Supplies For THC, Cannabis, CBD edibles


We have everything manufactures of Cannabis/THC/CBD products need to create HIGH quality edibles! Well almost everything 😉