Chef Rubber 25 years


Our story begins with silicone, cocoa butter, and a chef wanting to change the meaning of artisan chocolates. 8 colors of cocoa butter changed the world of chocolate. 25 years later we’re still here, pushing the boundaries of color and inspiration.

Founded on real-world experience, the last 25 years have been our life’s work of providing specialty chefs everything they need for their creative visions to come to life. Additives, colorants, ingredients, flavorings, literature, tools and supplies. We understand the importance of dependability, accuracy and timeliness that world-class chefs and artists require from their vendors, and we strive every day to meet our clients at the top with success.

We are so thankful for you! Thank you for your support,
and cheers to 25 more!🥂

Enjoy some of the great memories of the past two and a half decades: