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Candied Fruit

Candied, glace and crystalized fruit

Candied Fruit

Candied, glace and crystalized fruit
  • Delicious, luscious glace fruits available in two pack sizes
  • High quality crystalized and candied fruits are the key to the perfect fruit cake, but that’s just the beginning

Glacé Apricots

Candied glace apricots from Chef Rubber
Glace Orange Slices From Chef Rubber

Glacé Orange Slices

  • Glace fruits add wonderful sweetness and texture to breads, cakes, cookies, bars, barks and more.
  • Candied fruits can be used to flavor sorbets and ice pops or to decorate desserts.
Glace Lemon Peel Strips

Glacé Lemon Peel Strips

Glacé Orange Peel Strips

Crystalized Ginger

  • These luscious glace fruits are partially sun-dried and carefully preserved in a sugar syrup. 
Candied glace peaches

Glacé Peaches

Candied glace pears

Glacé Pears