Guittard Chocolate Company

Guittard Chocolate Company has been crafting chocolate for five generations, using a combination of a time-tested craft, innovative techniques, long-standing relationships and a complete obsession with making a premium chocolate that delivers a spectrum of flavor for a variety of applications.

shaved chocolate

Crafted from recipes passed down for five generations and made from the best beans sourced from around the world, Guittard chocolate delivers innovative profiles with consistent quality in flavor and performance.

Chef Rubber is excited to offer you these fine Guittard chocolate selections:

Guittard Cocoa Nibs

  • Cocoa nibs are a versatile and intriguing asset in your flavor arsenal.
  • Guittard Cocoa Nibs can be added to baked goods and candy for a subtle crunch of chocolate.
  • Smoothies and ice creams benefit from the texture and taste of cocoa nibs.
  • Add nibs to granola and trail mixtures for extra crunch and cocoa notes.
  • Don’t overlook Guittard Cocoa Nibs in savory applications as well, especially salads!

Guittard Grand Cacao Drinking Chocolate

  • Premium Collection Etienne chocolate is finely ground and added into fine-quality, old-fashioned, Dutch process cocoa powder to achieve intense chocolate flavor; a full-bodied, creamy texture; rich, red-brown, dark chocolate color; and comforting, home made, pudding-like, baked chocolate aromas.