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So Good Magazine #23
Valentine's Day Transfer Sheets At Chef Rubber
Mardi Gras Transfer Sheets From Chef Rubber
St. Patrick's Day Transfer Sheets
Natural Colored Cocoa Butter From Chef Rubber
Natural Powder Colors From Chef Rubber
Culinary Airbrush Kits From Chef Rubber
Color Brix For Chocolate From Chef Rubber

Chef Rubber provides Artisan Chefs the finest components with which one refines creative inspiration.

Isomalt From Chef Rubber


Versatile, beautiful, a true culinary artist’s medium! Learn to use isomalt and take creation to the next level.
PacoJet 2 PLUS System From Chef Rubber

Pacojet 2 PLUS System From Chef Rubber

The Pacojet 2 PLUS takes pacotizing® to a whole new level. Thanks to the new programmable automatic repeat function, recipes can be pacotized® up to 9 times with over pressure – saving you valuable time.

Ingredients and Supplies For THC, Cannabis, CBD edibles


We have everything manufactures of Cannabis/THC/CBD products need to create HIGH quality edibles! Well almost everything 😉