Marañón Chocolate

Chef Rubber sells Marañón Chocolate, the rarest chocolate in the world from Peru.

Marañón Chocolate, also known as Fortunato No 4 and Pure Nacional is often called the finest chocolate on earth.

We sell isomalt and colored isomalt sticks for the production of THC edibles and hard candy.

Our Marañón cacao options include cocoa mass, dark couverture, raw cacao beans, roasted cocoa beans and roasted cocoa nibs

Use pure Marañón Chocolate from in your next creation.

Our selection of Marañón Chocolate products include:

  • Marañón roasted cocoa nibs
  • Marañón raw cacao beans
  • Marañón roasted cocoa beans
  • Marañón dark 68% Fortunato No 4 couverture
  • Marañón 100% cocoa mass