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Fat Dispersible Powder Colors From Chef Rubber


Fat Dispersible


White Natural Powder Color From Chef Rubber

White as a celestial dream of the heavens!

Yellow Natural Powdered Color

Remember floral fields with aged appreciation and childlike wonder.

Orange Natural Powder Color From Chef Rubber

Recall how the sun sets spectacularly in springtime.

You’ll marvel at the intensity of color derived purely from nature for the tinting of your fat-based applications!

Green Natural Powder Color From Chef Rubber

Like forest frolics, verdant breaths, dappled rustling.

Blue Natural Powder Color From Chef Rubber

This one inspires envy in a clear summer sky!

Purple Natural Powdered Color From Chef Rubber

Austere and playful, universal, a gorgeous contradiction.

Use our fat dispersible natural colored powders to tint chocolate, candy, buttercream, coatings and more…


Red! A proud flag flies, a day of victory!

Intense Red Powder Color From Chef Rubber
Intense Red

Experience a swell of passion, hitherto contained.

Brown Natural Powder Color From Chef Rubber

A landing upon sandy shores, terra firma at last!

We like to call the effect of these natural powder colors Total Faturation

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2 days ago

Chef Rubber

Wondering what it might be like to be 8 years old during this Pandemic...
Birthday parties were the highlight of our younger years for most of us. I can only imagine how it must feel to not be able to have that right now.πŸ˜”
So here's to hoping that our custom cakes spark a little joy into that special day, for those who need it most right now. πŸ₯³
We love you guys and we will most definitely get through this long journey ahead of us together. ❀
Inquiries for custom orders ➑️
πŸ“Έ Vanilla Bean Cake, vanilla buttercream, raspberry macarons, salted caramel bon bons& fresh fruit.
#custom #cake #bonbons #macarons #chocolate #vanilla #birthday #anniversary #party #happy #love #beautiful #photooftheday #instagood #buffalove #buffalomunchies #newyork #buffalostrong #buffalofood #Valrhonacakewalk
Chef Rubber
Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods
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2 days ago

Chef Rubber

Approximately 400 families had their cakes postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic. We still wanted to be able to fulfill our mission to bring them smiles so we came up with a plan. In order to serve them safely, we asked a handful of commercial bakeries throughout the US to create custom care packages for our impacted families. These 6 bakers accepted this large scale call to action and it was a huge success! Please join us in giving these #SugarAngels a well-deserved thank you!

πŸ’œThank you Sugar Angels!
Carrie McGowan from Rayleen's Sweets & Treats

Melissa Moes from Melissa's Simply Sweet

Stephanie Coleman from Cakes & Bakes

Monique Rathbun from Bibby's Cakes

Stefania Adney from Cakes by Stefania - 718.791.7681

Debbie Kohlscheen from Cake Expressions, Inc.
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2 days ago

Chef Rubber

Would you believe us if we said these are plain uncoated pearls colored with NATURAL colors?

Tap on each image to view the natural products used!
If you want to see how easy it is to coat dragees with our colors head to our stories for sneak peek

#chefrubbercolor# #fatdispersible #naturalcolors
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4 days ago

Chef Rubber

Happy Memorial Day
From the Chef Rubber Crew πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
#chefrubber #transfersheets
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