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*NOTE: Due to circumstances related to the Coronavirus situation, our Las Vegas showroom is closed indefinitely.

1. First off, you’ll need to register with our online store. Don’t worry, it’s a painless process. You can click the “register” link at the top of any page on the site or click the button below. You’ll be redirected to the registration area of our site.

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2. In the registration form, pick a User ID and use the email address where you want order invoices to be sent and where we can contact you concerning orders. You can use your email address as your User ID.

Be sure to note in your records the email address you use for this account since it is required to recover a forgotten password.

Fill in your billing and shipping information and click the Register button.

3. Browse our site and fill your cart with all the things you need for creative culinary success. When it’s checkout time proceed from your cart through the process. 

If you have a UPS or FedEx account, please provide that number in the Order Comments field during checkout.

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4. At checkout, because of the potential heat sensitivity of many of the products we sell, it’s important that you select the shipping method that will work best for your most time critical item(s).

We strongly recommend expedited shipping for cocoa butter, transfer sheets, chocolate products and invertase maxinvert. Our Freeze Spray and canned air can only be shipped via the Ground method.

To minimize shipping charges and ensure on-time delivery of all items with critical delivery timeframes, we recommend that you submit separate orders with different shipping selections for non-critical items. During order processing, if our customer service agents identify an opportunity to split an order to save you shipping costs, they may contact you by email or phone to discuss.

5. During the last step at checkout, the shipping total displayed is an estimate generated by our system. Often, this total is lowered when your order is packed and weighed, but will never be increased.

Please note, when you submit the order, in addition to the total of the items you purchased, a Pre-authorization Charge of 20% of the order total will be placed on your card by your financial institution to cover any subsequent additions or shipping changes that you might decide to request. This hold will be removed from your card within a timeframe defined by the policies of your bank. Contact your bank for more information about this hold authorization.

shipping charge

To purchase Chef Rubber products for delivery outside of the United States, please click the button below to proceed to our International Accounts page.


If you are unable to access our website or your online account you can still place an order through email. You have two options:

1. Use Our Printable Order Request Form

Print a copy of our Order Request Form and fill out all the fields, including the products and unit counts you wish to purchase.

If you are ordering more than 18 item numbers, print more than one form, fill in the remaining products and leave the rest of the secondary form(s) blank.Scan the form(s) into a PDF file, or take photographs and email the files to our customer service department at orders@chefrubber.com.

2. Write Out Your Order Request In Email

Use our Order Request Form as a guide, and provide all the same information in your email.

Send the email to orders@chefrubber.com.

In both scenarios, you will receive an email from our customer service department to confirm the order request and collect any other needed information. The order will not be processed until you have explicitly confirmed in an email reply that the information therein is correct. Please check your inbox after placing the order request. Also, the order will not be processed until payment is received in full.

Why was the charge to my credit card higher than my order total at checkout?

We request a pre-authorization hold in the amount of 20% of the order total from your bank or card issuing institution. These funds are held by your bank, not Chef Rubber, but if the order requires modification with cost, we use funds from that 20% to cover it if the amount of the hold is greater than the additional coast. After we process your order we immediately send a request to release the hold. Depending on your bank’s policies, this release could take up to 5 business days.

When will my order be shipped?

All orders of in-stock items will ship 2 or more business days after receipt of order, 5am GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) excluding holidays, weekends, special events, natural or unnatural situations, disasters man made or otherwise, cosmic related events, and any other unforeseen conditions allowing. Chef Rubber is not responsible for delays resulting from incomplete order information. All international orders will be held until they can be shipped in their entirety. If one is in need of an order to arrive by a specific date, please provide that information in the notes area during checkout AND call Chef Rubber customer service staff to request a rush on processing of the desired order.

Next Day Air Friday or day preceding holiday will result in delivery on Monday or next day following holiday or closure without prejudice to any specific determination.

Why does my shipping charge seem so high?

The shipping charge calculated in your shopping cart is an estimate generated by our e-commerce software. When your items are packed, our shipping crew makes every effort to bring that cost down by packing efficiently and reducing the number of boxes shipped in your order. Very often we can get the costs below the estimate, but we will never raise the cost above that estimate.

How can I make changes to an order I just placed?

You can log on to our site and use our LiveChat feature to communicate with a customer service agent. You can email us at orders@chefrubber.com. You can call us at 702-614-9350

Questions or comments? Chef Rubber is committed to making sure your culinary aspirations are realized. Just let us know what you need to make that happen.


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