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PacoJet 2 PLUS System From Chef Rubber
PacoJet 2 PLUS System From Chef Rubber
PacoJet 2 PLUS System From Chef Rubber

The Pacojet 2 PLUS takes pacotizing® to a whole new level. Thanks to the new programmable automatic repeat function, recipes can be pacotized® up to 9 times with over pressure – saving you valuable time. 

The innovative new blade locking system ensures that the “Gold-PLUS” pacotizing® blade is securely anchored, also for repeated pacotizing®.

Excellent results à la minute, the new, programmable automatic repeat function of the Pacojet 2 PLUS opens up a wide variety of creative avenues in pacotizing® consistent, exceptional results.  Consistencies can be made even lighter and creamier. Pacotized® contents can be brought to the desired serving temperature à la minute – producing an exquisite, multi-faceted sensation in the mouth.  Emulsions reach a new level of quality – homogenous and more stable. Pastes and farces can be perfectly mixed and made even smoother.  The fresh, natural colors of the ingredients can be intensified through repeated pacotizing®.

Pacojet 2 PLUS System From Chef Rubber

This Kit Includes:

  • 1   Pacojet 2 PLUS
  • 2   Pacotizing® beakers
  • 2   Beaker lids (white)
  • 1   Spray guard (including preliminary scraper)
  • 1   Protective outer beaker
  • 1   Pacotizing® blade “Gold-PLUS”
  • 1   Cleaning insert (blue) und 1 Sealing ring (blue)
  • 1   Rinsing insert (green)
  • 1   Spatula
  • 1   International recipe book 2 PLUS

In Addition, The Performance Package Includes:

  • 1   Pacotizing Blade Gold-PLUS
  • 1 Pacojet 4 piece Coupe Set PLUS (3 blades + tool)
  • 20 Additional Pacotizing Beakers w/Lids

The Pacojet 2 PLUS is easy to use:

  • NEW Programmable automatic repeat function
  • NEW blade locking system ensures that the pacotizing® blade “Gold-PLUS” is securely anchored.
  • Intuitive touchscreen navigation
  • Pacojet 2 PLUS offers 4 calibratable processing modes: pacotizing, cutting/chopping, mixing and cleaning
  • Application specific portioning: process entire beakers at once or work micro-portion specific
  • Pacojet 2 PLUS features rescue function for processing overfilled beakers
  • Powerful motor, whith up to five-years of warranty
  • Processing food with or without over-pressure
  • Portion counter to monitor utility to date
  • You’ll love Pacojet 2 PLUS’ simple, display-guided, system cleaning
  • Shop For Pacojet 2 Plus System Now!

Pacojet 2 PLUS Product Specifications

  • Rated capacity: 950 W 
  • Voltage (variants): 220‒240V/50‒60Hz;
    100‒120V/ 50‒60HZ
  • Dimensions (mm): 498 x 182 x 360 (height x width x depth)
  • Net weight: 15.7 kg
  • Beaker capacity: 1.2 L (H: 135 mm, Ø 130 mm)
  • Maximum beaker fill volume: 0.8 L = 10 portions
  • Temperature for pacotizing frozen foods:
    -18 °C to -23 °C, 0 °F to -9 °F
  • Air pressure: approx. 1 bar
  • Pacojet 2 Plus Operating Manual