You’re going to want to get mixed up with these!

Chef Rubber Color Brix are a typical method to change the color of your chocolate.  These Color Brix simplify the tinting of your tempered white couverture or compound coatings with intensely satisfying hues. 

Find your perfect hue!
Color Brix Assortment From Chef Rubber
16 Piece Assortment Pack
Totally White Color Brix From Chef Rubber


Asteroid Silver Color Brix From Chef Rubber


Eternal Black Color Brix From Chef Rubber


Celestial Copper Color Brix From Chef Rubber


Supernova Gold Color Brix From Chef Rubber


Absolute Yellow Color Brix From Chef Rubber


Entirely Orange Color Brix From Chef Rubber


Pristine Pink Color Brix From Chef Rubber


Cosmic Red Color Brix From Chef Rubber


Ember Red Color Brix From Chef Rubber


Robust Red Color Brix From Chef Rubber


Truly Purple Color Brix From Chef Rubber


Deeply Blue Color Brix From Chef Rubber


Aurora Blue Color Brix From Chef Rubber


Alpine Green Color Brix From Chef Rubber


Positively Green Color Brix From Chef Rubber


Blend these colors to achieve the perfect tint for your white chocolate.

Each 5 gram Color Brix can color your coating or couverture as subtly or as intensely as you prefer, depending on your usage.

If you’re looking for a new way to bring gorgeous color to your culinary creations, stock up on Color Brix and unleash a rainbow of creativity today!

You’ll find our Color Brix so easy to use!

Chop, break or shave a Color Brix and add as much a you want to your white chocolate or pastry coating. Mix it in and add more until you achieve the desired level of color saturation.

The results are stunning!

Steer clear of the dreary doldrums of lesser colorants with Chef Rubber Color Brix!

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10 hours ago

Chef Rubber

True beauty shines from within, and chocolate is not the exception.

While the outer shell of a bonbon creates an illusion of eating with our eyes, it’s not until you pop one in your mouth and can taste the richness of the flavors, that you quickly realize whether this was a Yay or Nay in your book.

But it wasn’t until the reveal of the inside that made us fall in love...

In this case, we will have to fall in love with virtually seeing the inside of your bonbons @oy_chocolates, and wish to one day get to try your sweet treats 😋

#chefrubber #showyourcrcolors
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11 hours ago

Chef Rubber

Also called GMS is a handy friend in the kitchen with baking, ice creams and whipped creams. This additive helps with the union of fat molecules and water- two things that usually don’t like each other.
Glycerol Monostearate acts as a thickening, emulsifying, and preserving agent. Meaning it will help prevent the formation of fat bloom in confectionary and truffles. You can apply this additive to any type of product with water content, it’s recommended for water-fat mixtures.

Mostly commonly GMS is popular for adding “body” to your recipes. While it gives a smooth texture to your ice cream and whipped cream, it also prevents breads from drying and becoming stale.

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13 hours ago

Chef Rubber

So many different ways to fill your moulds!

One of the most tried and true methods doesn’t involve any expensive machinery. 🧑‍🍳🍫

All you need is a pastry bag and scraper; it does not get any easier than that! It’s also one of the tidiest ways to deal with chocolate, and any time we can help in that department is a win for us!

@danielcorpuz using his pastry bag of ganache to fill his moulds with deliciousness 😋

PhotoCred: @danielcorpuz @jonin.oliver @nickyvelbovets

#chefrubber #inspirethesenses
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1 day ago

Chef Rubber

Dextrose aka grape sugar is a plant-based ingredient, belonging to the carbohydrates family.

This naturally occurring form of glucose, which is 70% as sweet as sugar and very hygroscopic.

In food, dextrose is used as a sweetener, or as a natural preservative to extend the shelf life of products like ice creams, sorbets, confections, and baked goods!

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