At Chef Rubber, if you can dream it, we can make it!

Custom Confectionary Ruler

Order a solid aluminum confectionary ruler (dough or ganache ruler) in the height and length of your choice.

Custom Pack Size

Not too big, not too small, just right… Tell us what it’s going to take to get your job done.

Custom Projects

Do you have an idea for a mould or a tool and need help getting it made? Send us the details and we’ll take it from there.

Custom Transfer Sheets

If you need a logo, a personalized message or a symbol emblazoned on your next creation, click here to get the process started.

From custom silicone moulds and magnetic moulds to custom transfer sheets and baking sheets, we can make the product to fit your needs! And if you need a pack size we don’t have listed, don’t hesitate to let us know!


luis amado

Luis Amado

A chocolatier of exceptional vision and detail
thierry delourneaux

Thierry Delourneaux

30+ year consummate culinary professional and pastry consultant from the French Caribbean Island of Guadelope.
Sébastien Canonne, M.O.F.

Sebastien Canonne

President and Co-Founder of The French Pastry School and The Butter Book


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  • St. Patrick’s Day
    This leprechaun’s fortune in designs will have you pinching yourself!
  • Spring
    The colors and shapes of spring are always in bloom at Chef Rubber, along with floral and fruity flavors.
  • Easter
    Every-bunny loves our Easter transfer sheet collection!
  • Cinco de Mayo
    Celebrate Cinco in style with festive transfer sheet designs.
  • Mother’s Day
    Cheerful colors fill her heart with such bliss. Floral moulds dress up the day in a lovely way. Delight her senses with fresh floral and fruity flavors
  • Summer
    Themes and flavors of summertime joy are here, at your culinary fingertips.
  • Father’s Day
    Show dad he’s the best with Father’s Day transfer sheet designs, savory flavors and gift ideas!
  • 4th Of July
    Patriotic colors of independence fly high at Chef Rubber this summer!
  • Chocolate Products
    We provide top quality cacao products to chocolatiers, chefs, pastry chefs, bakers & other culinary artists.
  • Silitrix Rabbit
    Join in the crazy round-the-globe exploits of our rascally mascot, Silitrix The Rabbit, as he figures out all kinds of unexpected ways to use Chef Rubber products.