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custom rulers

Custom Confectionary Ruler

Order a solid aluminum confectionary ruler (dough or ganache ruler) in the height and length of your choice.
custom transfer sheets

Custom Transfer Sheets

If you need a logo, a personalized message or a symbol emblazoned on your next creation, click here to get the process started.
custom projects

Custom Projects

Do you have an idea for a mould or a tool and need help getting it made? Send us the details and we’ll take it from there.
custom pack size

Custom Pack Size

Not too big, not too small, just right… Tell us what it’s going to take to get your job done.


natural colors

Natural Colors

Tint your creations, naturally, with all the options from Chef Rubber!

Types Of Sugar

Learn all about the sweet life with this blog entry, which focuses sharply on all the sweetener options available at Chef Rubber.
powdered flavorings

Powdered Flavoring

This blog is for all the experimental cooks, gourmet manufacturers, and anyone who wants a more convenient way to add powerful flavors, additional nutrients and …