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  • Winter Wonders
    Dress your tasty treats for firesides and sleigh rides.
  • Winter Holidays
    Seasonal gatherings shine brighter with holiday transfer sheets from Chef Rubber
  • Valentine’s Day
    Celebrate amore with a swell of sweet and romantic transfer sheet designs as well as sensual flavors and colors.
  • Felchlin Products
    Fine Felchlin couvertures, chocolate products and Osa pastry fillings await your world class creative visions!
  • Mardi Gras
    Celebrate Big Easy style with festive designs, colors and more from Chef Rubber!
  • Chef Rubber Rainbow
    What’s your color mood today? Browse our favorite colorants and transfer sheets by color and illuminate your imagination.
  • Caramel Products
    Whether flowing or chewy, the amber decadence carries a golden promise, so carefully craft your caramelicious creations with Chef Rubber products!
  • Celebrating 25 Years
    Let’s give it up for a quarter century of Chef Rubber culinary greatness!