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Easter Transfer Sheets


Every Bunny Loves These Holiday Designs!

Repeating Pattern Easter Transfer Sheets For A Hoppy Holiday

Pop Of Easter Transfer Sheet

Pop Of Easter

Feliz Pascua - Easter Transfer Sheets

Feliz Pascua

Nursery Eggs - Easter Transfer Sheets

Nursery Eggs

Trail Mix - Easter Transfer Sheets

Trail Mix

Chevron - Easter Transfer Sheets


Space Bunnies - Easter Transfer Sheets

Space Bunnies

Launching Into Easter - Easter Transfer Sheets

Launching Into Easter

Lotus Flower Transfer Sheet

Lotus Flower

Crosses Transfer Sheet


Arabesque Transfer Sheet


Bunny Hop - Easter Transfer Sheets

Bunny Hop

Chef Rubber Transfer Sheets Bring The Color And Joy To Easter Creations

Encaustic Tile Transfer Sheet

Encaustic Tile

Glass Shards Transfer Sheet

Glass Shards

Spring Florets - Easter Transfer Sheets

Spring Florets

Striped Easter Eggs - Easter Transfer Sheets

Striped Easter Eggs

Easter Chevron - Easter Transfer Sheets

Easter Chevron

Happy Easter Transfer Sheet

Happy Easter

Sunny Side Up - Easter Transfer Sheet

Sunny Side Up

Autumn Chevron Transfer Sheet

Autumn Chevron

Parallelograms Transfer Sheet


Easter Eggs - Easter Transfer Sheets

Easter Eggs

Duck Faces - Easter Transfer Sheets

Duck Faces

See More Easter Transfer Sheets At Our Online Store

Party Chicks - Easter Transfer Sheets

Party Chicks

Barely Hatched - Easter Transfer Sheets

Barely Hatched

Peepers  - Easter Transfer Sheets


Striped Easter Eggs - Easter Transfer Sheets

Striped Easter Egg

Daisies - Easter Transfer Sheets


Bunnies - Easter Transfer Sheets


Happy Easter - Easter Transfer Sheets

Happy Easter

Easter Transfer Sheet Designs in 1.75″ Squares

Sharing Is Caring - Easter Transfer Sheets

Sharing Is Caring

Flower Child - Easter Transfer Sheets

Flower Child

Playful Bunny - Easter Transfer Sheets

Playful Bunny

Spring Butterfly Transfer Sheet

Spring Butterfly

Daisy Egg - Easter Transfer Sheets

Daisy Egg

Easter Egg - Easter Transfer Sheets

Easter Egg

Funny Bunny - Easter Transfer Sheets

Funny Bunny

Carrot About You - Easter Transfer Sheets

Carrot About You

Easter Bunny Ears - Easter Transfer Sheets

Easter Bunny Ears

Silly Rabbit - Easter Transfer Sheets

Silly Rabbit

Hanging With My Chicks - Easter Transfer Sheets

Hanging With My Chicks

Spring Bunny - Easter Transfer Sheets

Spring Bunny

Wild Flowers - Easter Transfer Sheet

Wild Flowers

Easter Egg - Easter Transfer Sheet

Easter Egg

Happy Easter Eggs - Easter Transfer Sheet

Happy Easter Eggs

Lapin De Paques - Easter Transfer Sheet

Lapin De Paques

Blossom Into Spring - Easter Transfer Sheets

Blossom Into Spring

Golden Egg - Easter Transfer Sheets

Golden Egg

Feliz Pascua - Easter Transfer Sheet

Feliz Pascua

Spring Animals - Easter Transfer Sheet

Spring Animals

Happy Easter Duo - Easter Transfer Sheet

Happy Easter Duo

Joyeuses Paques Trio - Easter Transfer Sheet

Joyeuses Paques Trio

Easter In Space - Easter Transfer Sheet

Easter In Space

You can download our Easter flyer with all these designs HERE.

Easter Transfer Sheets For Eclairs

Egg Hunt Eclair - Easter Transfer Sheet

Egg Hunt

Happy Easter Eclair - Easter Transfer Sheet

Happy Easter

Carrot Repeating Eclair - Easter Transfer Sheet

Carrots Repeating

Happy Easter Eclair - Easter Transfer Sheet

Happy Easter

Carrot Eclair - Easter Transfer Sheet


Happy Easter - Easter Transfer Sheet

Happy Easter

Easter Transfer Sheets For Magnetic Moulds

Pop Of Easter - Easter Transfer Sheet

Pop Of Easter

Feliz Pascua - Easter Transfer Sheet

Feliz Pascua

Feliz Pascua - Easter Transfer Sheet

Feliz Pascua

Easter World Wide - Easter Transfer Sheet

Easter World Wide

Golden Egg - Easter Transfer Sheet

Golden Egg

Filigree Bunny - Easter Transfer Sheet

Filigree Bunny

Easter Dreams - Easter Transfer Sheet

Easter Dreams

Sunday Best - Easter Transfer Sheet

Sunday Best

Easter Sunday - Easter Transfer Sheet

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday - Easter Transfer Sheet

Easter Sunday

Adorable Transfer Sheet For Our Chocolate Bar Chablon

Strut Your Stuff - Easter Transfer Sheet

Strut Your Stuff

Hello World - Easter Transfer Sheet

Hello World

Easter Naptime - Easter Transfer Sheet

Easter Naptime

When you need holiday transfer sheets, shop with Chef Rubber, any time of year!

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2 days ago

Chef Rubber

Read along to find out how Cocktail.Vision used Chef Rubber products including sweet potato powder in this sweet curious cocktail....

Inquisitiveness can lead one into dangerous situations. But do you know the whole proverb?... “Curiosity killed the cat, but the satisfaction brought it back “
So the moral is - you should always satisfy your curiosity! .

1 oz LEBLON Caccaça @liveloveleblon
1 oz Koloa Kaua`i Spice Rum
1 oz Koloa Kaua`i Coconut Rum
1 oz fresh blood orange juice
1/4 oz fresh lemon juice
3/4 oz clarified Coconut Milk
4 Muddled Kumquats
Ginger beer @regattacraftmixers
Curried Ginger Egg White Foam*
Sweet Potato Curry Ice **
Dash of Cayenne
Garnish: Sweet potato fries & Kumquat slice in a husk-cone @chefrubber .

*Curried Ginger Egg White Foam*
1 egg white• 1/2 tsp ginger syrup•1/8 Madras Curry Powder•a few drops of lemon juice .

** Sweet Potato Curry Ice ** (Make in advance)
1 tsp Chef Rubber Sweet Potato Powder @chefrubber
1/4 tsp Madras Curry Powder
1/2 oz CLEMENT Creole Schrubb @creoleshrubb
1/2 oz Lemon Juice
2 oz Orange Juice
1 oz Plan B Honey Simple @chefrubber
1/2 oz Water

When freezing, alcohol creates a different ice texture. It is similar to granita yet firmer and holds its shape. In cocktails it melts faster and develops a progressive flavor experience throughout." - Cocktail.Vision
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2 days ago

Chef Rubber

Lemon Juice Powder 🍋
Can be used one to one in place of lemon juice!
Unpack an intense lemon flavor when making:
Salad Dressing
Baked Goods
Dips ( great in Guac, Hummus and Salsa 😋) Mix it with other dry seasonings to make your own dry rub!
Or simply sprinkle it on your favorite sautéed vegetables

Sweet Potato 🍠
Easily reconstitute the powder to a puree and use it for pie, biscuits, soups or go outside the box and push the boundaries with what you can do with freeze dried vegetable powders.

Cocktail.Vision has taken a fun twist to our Sweet Potato powder and created sweet potato curry ice cubes for an unforgettable cocktail experience🍹
Stay strong to the finish line 💪 ⚓️
Spinach is an excellent source of Vitamins and is such an easy vegetable to add to your diet while boosting your health potential. Don't forget about that delicious flavor and color! It can be added to pasta to give it a vibrant beautiful green color, while providing added nutrients.

#chefrubber #vegetablepowder #vegetables
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3 days ago

Chef Rubber

Beets are packed with a ton of essential nutrients and is a vegetable you do not want to sleep on. Not only is it great for your health, but also offers a large variety of application options ( not to mention it adds a natural pink color that turn plain and ordinary to extraordinary) Use beet powder to make healthy Pink Lattes, add it to smoothies, make guilt free beet tortillas... View our stories for more recipe ideas from our Pinterest board 👆
Some say Tomayto others
say Tomahto 🤷‍♂️ but just in case you were wondering a tomato🍅 is technically a fruit that is a great source of Vitamins and other great health benefits while spoiling your taste buds with its perfect balance of sweet and acidic flavor!
Create everything from making your own Tomato Sauce, Spanish Rice or ( Quinoa ) to Pasta noodles and even savory tomato cheese bread 🍅 🧀 🍞 = 🤤
Carrots 🥕 are not only a good source of Fiber and Antioxidants but they can also provide a great healthy alternative to some of your favorite snacks. Make mouthwatering cookies, muffins, bread 🍞! Or make a hearty creamy carrot soup, the possibilities are endless. Where will your creativity take you?

#chefrubber #insipringthesenses
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3 days ago

Chef Rubber

Let’s talk Vegetable Powders!
Now more than ever it is important
to keep our bodies fueled, and maintain a healthy balance with the food we eat during stressful times.
Stocking your emergency food pantry with healthy long lasting perishables is essential.

You may ask yourself,
a. Why would I want Fruit & Vegetable powders?
b. Even if I have them, how can I use them?

These are our top reasons why
Freeze dried Vegetable Powders are a must have:
1. They are 💯 natural
2. They are a great way to preserve both flavor and nutrition for a long time.
3. Easy to store
4. Give nutritional boost to your smoothies
5. Use as a thickener for soups, Stews and Casseroles.
6. Parents favorite: you can sneak it into your children’s food 🤫

Follow along the next few days as we give you tips and ideas for making the most out of Veggie Powders.

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