Chef Rubber sells water and oil based fruit flavorings for a wide variety of culinary applications.

Fruit Flavoring Selections

asiago cheese powder
Apple Flavoring
Banana Flavoring
Blood Orange Flavoring
Blueberry Flavoring
Cherry Flavoring
Coconut Flavoring
asiago cheese powder
Concord Grape Flavoring
Lemon Flavoring
Lime Flavoring
Mango Flavoring
Orange Flavoring
Pineapple Flavoring
asiago cheese powder
Raspberry Flavoring
Strawberry Flavoring
Champagne Grape Flavoring
Lychee Flavoring
Passion Fruit Flavoring
Peach Flavoring
Pineapple Coconut Flavoring
Watermelon Flavoring
fruit selection
Fruit Flavor Selection Pack

Floral and Herbal Flavoring Selections

asiago cheese powder
Anise Flavoring
Jasmine Flavoring
Lavender Flavoring
Peppermint Flavoring
Heirloom Peppermint Flavoring
Elderflower Flavoring
Tahitian Vanilla Extract
floral selections
Floral Flavor Selection

Cocktail and Spirit Inspired Flavoring Selections

asiago cheese powder
Champagne Flavoring
Rum Flavoring
Cognac Flavoring
Mai Tai Flavoring
asiago cheese powder
Margarita Flavoring
Mojito Flavoring
Whiskey Flavoring

Miscellaneous Flavoring Selections

Almond Flavoring
Butter Flavoring
Butterscotch Flavoring
Caramel Flavoring
Cinnamon Flavoring
Maple Flavoring
Mexican Coffee Flavoring
Pistachio Flavoring
Smoke Flavoring
holiday flavor selection
Holiday Flavor Selection

Chef Rubber flavorings are specially formulated for optimal results in hard candies, chocolates, fudges, frostings, baking and specialty confections.

Flavors For Fall Favorites

Chef Rubber Blend 46% Dark Couverture
Apple Brandy Maple Syrup
Caramel Sugar
Menu Salsa Fichi
Chef Rubber Caramel Filling
Chicken Base Paste


Sébastien Canonne, M.O.F.

Sebastien Canonne

President and Co-Founder of The French Pastry School and The Butter Book
luis amado

Luis Amado

A chocolatier of exceptional vision and detail
fall transfer sheets and more
chef rubber elements t-shirt
winter transfer sheets


  • Mixology
    Intriguing ingredients and terrific tools for servers of sippable spirits
  • Santa-Tizer
    Our Santa-Tizer spray is a convenient hygienic alternative for occasions when hand washing is not an option.
  • Edibles
    Everything manufacturers of Cannabis/ THC/ CBD products need to create HIGH quality edibles!
  • Mardi Gras Transfer Sheets & More
    When it’s party time in the Big Easy, Chef Rubber brings the color and the flavor !
  • New Year’s Transfer Sheets & More
    Cue the band and drop the ball… let’s celebrate 2021 in style!


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