Chef Rubber vegetable powders are delicious and versatile. Use them for creating pastries, icing, mousse, beverages, baked goods, crackers, cheeses and more.

beet powder

Beet Powder

butternut squash powder

Butternut Squash Powder

carrot powder

Carrot Powder

pumpkin powder

Pumpkin Powder

red bell pepper powder

Red Bell Pepper Powder

Spinach Powder

sweet corn powder

Super Sweet Corn Powder

sweet potato powder

Sweet Potato Powder

tomato powder

Tomato Powder

Use Chef Rubber powdered vegetables to turn an ordinary creation into something with personality.



Jacquy Pfeiffer

President and Co-Founder of The French Pastry School and The Butter Book
Peter Yuen

Peter Yuen

World Traveler, Viennoiserie Expert & Pursuer of the Perfect Croissant
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Thierry Delourneaux

30+ year consummate culinary professional and pastry consultant from the French Caribbean Island of Guadelope.
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Luis Amado

A chocolatier of exceptional vision and detail