Chef Andra is the creator/instructor of Bougie Eats Academy. She is currently a Senior Director of Campus Dining and Hospitality for Los Angeles Room and Board. Previously she has taught at various universities on classes that range from Artisan Breads and Pastries, Plated Desserts, Chocolate and Confections, Food and Beverage Cost Control, Event Management, and so much more!

She has worked in a various restaurants, hotels, catering companies, culinary schools and pastry boutiques the last 15 years of her career. She has her A.S. Degree in Culinary Management, a B.S. in Event Management, a M.S. in Hospitality and Tourism Management and she is currently pursuing her Ph.D. Where her research interests include Black chefs in the restaurant industry.

Chef Andra has been featured on Food Network twice and also owns a consulting firm, The Service Boutique, specializing in hospitality organizations.

Her inspiration behind Bougie Eats was wanting to bring her classroom into everyone’s home where they can be comfortable and learn at their own pace while still creating bougie desserts.

With over 1,600 students enrolled worldwide, Bougie Eats Academy is becoming thee premier online pastry academy for aspiring bakers. Pastry school no longer needs to be thousands of dollars. Learn specific, elevated dessert techniques in the comfort of your home by an experienced Baking and Pastry Instructor.

All classes have lifetime access, are self-paced, and beginner friendly. Whether you bake for fun or want to turn this into a profitable business, these courses are for you!

You can create an account for free to preview course content at

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