mayku formbox

Industrial Grade Vacuum Forming on Your Desktop

Your chocolate and confectionary moulding aspirations are at your fingertips with the revolutionary and innovation Mayku Formbox!

Practically any object, or objects, that fit on the work surface of the Mayku FormBox can be used to create custom moulds, quickly and economically!

MOLD or MODEL in 1,2,3

Pick a Template

using formbox

Find, sculpt or 3D print your master object. The FormBox’s intricate detail can mold all sorts of shapes.

Make a Mould

making moulds

Use the FormBox to vacuum-form a form sheet around your object in seconds

Replicate Your Template

replicate template

Use your mold with a range of materials, from concrete to soap, to create your products.

The Mayku FormBox sports a compact, desktop form factor, which allows it to easily find its place in any operation. Once you attach the hose from any vacuum cleaner, FormBox is ready to operate.

The Mayku cast sheets are completely food safe.

The addition of the Mayku FormBox will turbo charged your production efficiency by quickly creating molds from 3 dimensional objects. You’ll also love the love the production cost, at just about $1.30 per mould!

mayku formbox
mayku formbox detail
mayku formbox detail
mayku formbox detail


FormBox Advantages

Accelerate Your Making

No more waiting. Speed up your process and see your products come alive. The Mayku FormBox is a simple, quick solution to developing your creations.

Small Package, Big Power

The FormBox has been crafted to fit perfectly into your workspace. Packing the power to create a factory finish in a matter of minutes.

Precision Control

There aren’t any mystery buttons or complicated settings. Simple means smart – and with the FormBox it’s never been easier to get the exact finish you want.

It’s all in the Details

The FormBox picks up texture finer than a grain of sand – so you get all those little details you need to stand out from the crowd.

mayku formbox detail
mayku formbox detail
mayku formbox detail

Chefs Everywhere are Going Wild for FormBox!

You’ll find it very easy to learn how to use the Mayku FormBox. Whether you’re customizing a chocolate bar or creating a batch of custom pastries – the FormBox gives you the power to create amazing treats in almost any shape.

formbox casting
formbox castings
using formbox
formbox products
mayku formbox package

Buy your Mayku FormBox package at Chef Rubber!

We’re so excited to offer you this easy to use mould making solution, which includes:

40 free sheets, 1kg of casting material, three starter templates and a universal vacuum adaptor