Get to know The Sugar Sorceress and the secret chef of Nailed It!

Chef Charity George is the Pastry Chef and Cake Artist for Nailed it! on Netflix. She’s the magic hands that makes all the cakes and other treats the contestants attempt to copy in the Emmy Nominated comedy baking show on Netflix. Charity specializes in chocolate and sugar art particularly with regards to wedding, specialty and extreme cakes. She has also specialized in baking and cooking for those with food allergies and sensitivities, which she terms “Free Baking”. Charity owns d’Zrt Cake Studio, and resides with her 3 children in San Diego, CA Chef Charity – The Sugar Sorceress – is a Pastry Chef and Cake Artist in San Diego, CA.  She specializes in chocolate and sugar art, with particular regard for wedding cakes, as well as specialty and extreme cakes. She has also specialized in baking and cooking for those with food allergies and sensitivities. Charity owns d’Zrt Cake Studio in La Mesa, CA.

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Although she’s had a 30+ year career in food, for the last 16 years she has worked exclusively with cakes, pastry, sugar and chocolate. In March 2013 Craftsy (now released it’s first Isomalt (sugar art) class, taught by Chef Charity. The educational site, has a catalog of Chef Charity’s classes. She’s also a judge at numerous cake shows/contests and teaches sugar and cake arts across the country. 

Enjoy some of Chef Charity’s edible art…

edible art from Chef Charity
edible art from Chef Charity
edible art from Chef Charity
edible art from Chef Charity
edible art from Chef Charity
edible art from Chef Charity

Nailed It!

“To explain what I do on the show… I am Pinterest!”

Chef Charity George

I’m the “Secret Chef” for Nailed it! on Netflix, (yes! We were nominated for an Emmy Award in the competition series category this past year) and I’ve been involved in that capacity since the show’s conception in 2017.  

To explain what I do on the show; I am Pintrest!  I make all the hero cakes and treats that the non-baker contestants have to try and copy during the show.  I am filmed making everything I create for each episode and that footage is used throughout an episode to show what the contestants SHOULD be doing to copy each piece of edible art.

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More Television

  • Charity’s been a contestant on TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off twice in season 2.
  • Was featured on featured on TLC’s Fabulous Cakes and the Niecy Nash Wedding Bash
  • Charity has appeared on Cake Wars and Halloween Wars (season 2, 5 & 7).
  • In 2016 she was a special guest chocolatier on the Valentine’s episode of Cake Wars.
  • Was involved in the pilot episode of Cake Wars.
  • She has appeared on numerous cooking segments for news stations and news magazines in San Diego and Los Angeles
  • Charity was featured in the Icing Smiles episode of season 2 of Making Good on

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marylin monroe by chef charity

Icing Smiles

icing smiles

Charity is also on the Board of Directors for Icing Smiles. Icing Smiles is a non profit organization that provides custom celebration cakes and other treats to families impacted by the critical illness of a child

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More Bio

Charity George is a native of Southern California and was raised in San Diego.   She wrecked 2 Easy Bake Ovens as a child so her mother decided to teach her to cook on the “big oven”.  By age 12 she had “tapped out” her mother and grandmother’s cooking knowledge so she resorted to reading cookbooks (which you can still find her doing if she gets 2 seconds of spare time).  During her senior year of High School she went to work for a local cake shop where she cut, filled, iced, delivered and occasionally got to decorate cakes.

She attended Brigham Young University for her freshman year of college, and then attended Le Cordon Bleu in London & Paris and Le Ritz Esscoffier in Paris, continuing her culinary education.  After returning to the States she decided to “experiment with the “corporate world” in graphic design, marketing, advertising, radio, film & TV.

Chef Charity George