Chef Rubber provides high quality chocolate products to professional chocolatiers, chefs, pastry chefs, confectioners, bakers, cake decorators and other culinary artists.

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Chef Rubber brand chocolate products


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Professional chocolatiers, pastry chefs and chefs know Chef Rubber is their go-to provider of top quality chocolate.

Chef Rubber Brand Chocolate

Chef Rubber Blend 46% Dark Chocolate Couverture
Blend 46% Dark Drops 4000ct
Chef Rubber Blend 37% Milk Chocolate Couverture
Blend Milk 37%
Chef Rubber Hot Hand White Modeling Chocolate
Hot Hand White Modeling Chocolate
Chef Rubber Pure Cocoa BUtter
Cocoa Butter
Chef Rubber Blend 46% Dark Chocolate Couverture
Blend 46% Dark Drops 1000ct
Chef Rubber Blend 34% White Chocolate Couverture
Blend 34% White
Chef Rubber Hot Hand Dark Modeling Chocolate
Hot Hand Dark Modeling Chocolate
Chef Rubber Caramel Filling
Caramel Filling
Chef Rubber Blend 37% Milk Chocolate Couverture
Blend Milk 37% Drops 1000ct
Chef Rubber Blend Not Tempering White Chocolate
Blend Non Tempering White
Chef Rubber Onyx Cocoa Powder
Onyx Cocoa Powder
Chef Rubber Blend 52% Bitter Chocolate Couverture
Blend Bitter 52% Drops 1000ct
Chef Rubber Blend Non Tempering Dark Chocolate
Blend Non Tempering Dark
Chef Rubber Auburn Cocoa Powder
Auburn Cocoa Powder

TCHO Chocolate

Tcho 39% Milk Chocolate Discs
39% Milk Chocolate Discs
Tcho 54% Milk Chocolate Discs
54% Milk Chocolate Discs
Tcho 60.5% Dark Chocolate Discs
60.5% Dark Chocolate Discs
Tcho 68% Dark Chocolate Discs
68% Dark Chocolate Discs
Tcho 70% dark chocolate discs
70% Dark Chocolate Discs
TCHO 81% Dark Chocolate Discs
81% Dark Chocolate Discs
TCHO 99% Unsweetened dark chocolate discs
99% Unsweetened Dark Discs
TCHO Cocoa Powder
Cocoa Powder
TCHO Roasted cacao nibs
Roasted Cacao Nibs
TCHO drinking chocolate
Drinking Chocolate

Guittard Chocolate

31% Creme Francaise White Wafers
35% Soie Blance White Wafers
55% La Nuit Noir
58% La Premiere Etoile
64% L’etoile Du Nord
72% Goucher du Soleil
Madagascar 64%
66% Machu Pichu Peru
70% Grenada
72% Eduador
100% Minuit
63% Superieure Semisweet
43% Semisweet Batons
28% High Sierra White Chips
63% Bittersweet Chips
Cocoa Nibs
glace candied fruit

Guittard Grand Cacao Drinking Cocoa Powder

Premium Collection Etienne chocolate is finely ground and added into fine-quality, old-fashioned, Dutch process cocoa powder to achieve intense chocolate flavor.

Mescocacao Chocolate

Matagalpa 70% Dark Coins
Wampusirpi 72% Dark Coins
Usulatan 97% Dark Coins

Maranon Chocolate

Roasted Cocoa Nibs
Raw Cacao Beans
Roasted Cocoa Beans
68% Dark Fortunato No 4
100% Cocoa Mass Fortunato No 4

Cordillera Chocolate

70% Cocuy Extra Bitter Couverture
65% Sumapaz Bitter Sweet Couverture


luis amado

Luis Amado

A chocolatier of exceptional vision and detail


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  • Zen Cocoa Butter
    Otherworldly colors derived purely of the earth, inner glimmer playing peacefully with light.