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Isomalt From Chef Rubber


You’ll love the versatility, stability and quality of our high quality Isomalt!

Isomalt From Chef Rubber

What is Isomalt?

Isomalt is a natural sugar alcohol derived from beets as is used primarily as a sugar substitute in culinary applications

Why use Isomalt?

  • Isomalt resists crystallization, making it a great choice for hard candy production.
  • Likewise, because of its clarity, isomalt is a favorite medium among sugar artists and sugar sculptors.
  • Tinted isomalt will retain its color better at high temperatures than sugar.
  • Isomalt resists caramelization much better than sugar.
  • Isomalt has no impact on blood sugar levels, making it great sweetener for diabetic friendly creations.
  • Dentists love isomalt because it does not promote tooth decay.
Crystalized isomalt for hard candy and edibles

Isomalt is extremely versatile, and has become a crucial ingredient in the manufacture of legal cannabis TCH edibles.

Isomalt As Art

Think of isomalt as the glass of the culinary art world. It can be blown, pulled and shaped into an amazing array of stunning forms. Your imagination is the only limit to isomalt’s creative potential. When working with isomalt sugar to create showpieces or decor, consider using a warming box to keep the medium pliable.

Isomalt blown pulled sugar art

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