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Part 2 of 2 • 08/30/2021


transfer sheets

HALF SHEETS are the most common sheet type when it comes to transfer sheets. A 12 x 16 sheet is made to be the same size as a half sheet pan, making storing and transferring easier. In this sheet type, continuous patterns are the most common design option. Because of the repeating patterns application is the most versatile, you can cut them, shape them, mold them, you can get so creative!

If you want to stand out, brand your edible creations using a repeating pattern! It is the most versatile way of branding EVERYTHING. You can use them to cap your bonbons, apply on the backs of bark or chocolate bars, use to place on pastries, to identify ice cream flavors, the list can literally go on forever.

*custom sheet sizes available

repeating pattern sheet
transfer sheets
use on barks
repeating pattern


The most commonly asked question is: What mould can I use with square transfer sheets??
The answer is: NONE

square chocolate

This sheet type was created after realizing transfer sheets were being cut by many people in the industry to apply to their enrobed chocolates. This inspired the idea to create a sheet where you no longer have to spend time cutting away. Now you can easily tear the design and apply them as your chocolate pieces are coming off the enrobing machine. Don’t use an enrober, but hand dip? No worries, these are still the perfect option. We will note! Some people have gotten really creative and use these designs on the back of their capped bonbons, or have even managed to place them in their magnetic mould cavities.
SO don’t be afraid to try something new!

The square size is 1.75″ however the design is printed in a 1″x1″ centered space, average size for an enrobed chocolate.

perforated squares
enrobed chocolate
chocolate assortment
cute birds


Magnetic Transfer Sheets. WHAT are they and WHY do you need these? 

magnetic transfer sheets

Magnetic moulds are the industries best kept secret. As they rise in popularity so do options for adding really neat designs to your finished chocolate pieces. Why are these so cool?
Magnetic moulds are made to showcase the transfer sheet design on the FRONT side of the chocolate piece. There are many shape options available, this is why we have several options when you are working with the magnetics.

magnetic sheet
magnetic chocolates
more magnetic chocolates
misc design


Full Size Transfer Sheets are the same as the half sheet size transfer sheets just bigger! The size of this sheet is 24 x 16″ the same size a a full sheet pan.

These are great for large high volume productions and for fun projects! Both continuous and custom designs can be printed on this size sheet.

Let’s say you have added ice cream cakes to your menu but want to make them stand out!

full size sheet

Transfer Sheets are a great way to personalize the cakes, but you need 100 of them!! Depending on how big your cake will be we can max out as many cakes as we can on one of these large sheets. For example the cakes are 8in round, we can comfortably fit 4 – 8in round designs meaning you would need a total of 5 sheets.

How creative will you get? 


How creative will you allow yourself to get?


Chablons/Acrylic Templates

Silicone and Acrylic chablons are one of the applications used when working with cocoa butter transfer sheets. Silicone chablons are flexible and heat resistant up to 450F. These chablons can be used for biscuits, chocolates, sugar, among other things. Acrylic Templates are similar to the chablon, the main difference being the material is made out of acrylic and it is not flexible. These templates may also be known as stencil.
When working with acrylic templates fill the cavity with chocolate and remove the template before the chocolate has set up completely. Once the chocolate has set up, you can peel the transfer sheet off the chocolate pieces.

using chablons
chocolate in chablons
chocolate in chablons
filled with love

Dipped Treats

This method is usually done by dipping different treats like: Caramel, ganache, marshmallow, oreos, pretzels, cookies, in chocolate. Once dipping the treat in chocolate you have 2 options!

  • 1. Place dipped treat on top of the transfer sheet
  • 2. Place transfer sheet on top of the dipped treat

See below how High Peak Cannabis adds THC and CBD labels to cannabis friendly treats.

dipping in chocolate
apply transfer sheet
peel off backing
final product

Capping Bonbons

When sealing bonbon pieces in a chocolate mould the most common method is to take a plain guitar sheet and give the bonbons a beautiful shiny seal. BUT why not add a brand logo to the chocolate? Or provide customized chocolates for your clients? Get custom designs made specifically for you or choose one of the thousands of designs available on our site. It’s one of the nicest surprises to find, because it’s not expected.
It’s all in the details ^.^

backing shells
applying sheets
remove backing
final product

Chocolate Shapes

Cutting shapes gives you the freedom to choose the size and shape of chocolate pieces. These pieces are commonly used as decor on pastries, ice cream, desserts, and among other items.

  • Place transfer sheet on top of parchment paper
  • Place transfer sheet cocoa butter side up ( the matte side )
  • Pour chocolate on one end of transfer sheet
  • With a spatula or scraper, spread the chocolate evenly through the whole sheet.
  • Before chocolate is completely set up and still moldable, cut shapes with knife, cutters, anything that will have a sharp edge that can cut through the chocolate.
  • Place them as chocolate decorations on cakes, ice cream, pastries, etc
spreading chocolate
cutting shapes
remove backing
final products

Watch Nick Forte Use Our Transfer Sheets & Other Products

@fortenj – Nicholas Forte