Chef Rubber is your ultimate source for pre-made and custom produced food grade silicone moulds.

We offer silicone moulds for culinary use in a wide variety of sizes and shapes for use with chocolate, fondant, ganaches, caramel and hard candy.

You can choose from a large selections of holiday themed silicone molds, including moulds for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Easter.

Chef Rubber also sells animal shaped silicone moulds, as well as insect and flower shaped silicone moulds.

Chef Rubber’s Heirloom Mold Collections originates from turn of the century molds that were passed down from famed pastry chef Otto Eckstein. E.M. Berling also showcases these molds in the book Art in Confectionary and Pastry.

We also offer silicone gear shaped moulds for artistic culinary projects such as sugar sculptures.