With trade shows out of the picture for now, how are you going to get your CR swag fix? Don’t worry, we got this. Gear up with genuine Chef Rubber merchandise and keep cooking with coolness!

elements t-shirt

Chef Rubber Elements T-Shirt

Fine Foodie Fashion

Behold!  The science of elemental fashion with a Chef Rubber twist! An excellent gift for any culinary mad scientist, this tee is sure to attract positive eye-ons.

Got Rubber? T-Shirt

Classic, Quintessential, Cool

Tucked or untucked, tied at the waist, or tie-dyed with our color emulsion gel or powder color, wear it the way you want and show the world who’s in your culinary corner!

Chef Rubber Duckies

Guaranteed to quack you up!

That’s right, it’s a duck, but it’s also a chef… funny, right? Aside from delighting you with cuteness, our ducks emit a refreshing microburst of air when squeezed!

Chef Rubber Koozies

Don’t lose your temper!

The Butter Buddy keeps your tempered Chef Rubber colored cocoa butter warm, and liquid refreshments cold. The ultimate win-win type situation, don’t you think?

Chef Rubber Door Hangers

Accoutrement for discriminating door decorators!

These little beauties adorned hotel hallways, up and down, at the last trade show, and now you can primp your portal in like style. Features vintage vibe at no additional cost.

Chef Rubber Stickers

Perfect for that open space between recipe notes on your fridge!

Proudly display your love of the Chef! This 3″ round sticker improves the look and cool factor of most smooth surfaces.

Chef Rubber Tattoos

Lick and stick attitude, Chef approved!

What a looker! Meet Chef Rubberette. Your fellow chefs will simply sizzle with envy over your new piece of arm candy.

Chef Rubber Patches

Your aprons and chef coats never had it so good!

You’ve worked hard, created great things. The Chef thinks you got what what it takes. So step up and let’s get you patched into the club.