Chef Rubber is always surprising you with new wares to stoke your culinary creativity!

winco thermometers

Mould making modernized

Mayku Formbox

Unleash your your 3-D creativity by creating thermoplastic moulds in virtually any shape.

coffee syrup

The name says it all!

Melissa Coppel Tools

Selected and favored by world-class chocolatier Melissa Coppel, these scrapers and spatulas belong in your toolkit!

winco thermometers

Belgian chocolate goodness

Callebaut Callets

We’ve added three luxurious new selections in dark, milk and white for your couverture creations.

coffee syrup

70% decidedly dark

Amano Couvertures

Choose from two different darks of exotic origins!

winco thermometers

Darn delicious decor!

Mona Lisa Shimmers

Made with real chocolate and available in 4 styles, these flakes and granules will add shimmer and elegance to your creations.

coffee syrup

Some shapely surprises…

New Bar Moulds & More

We have just released several new polycarbonate chocolate moulds, new magnetic moulds and protective templates for your cocoa craftiness.

winco thermometers

Just look at these gems!

Jewel Cocoa Butter Starter Kit

We now offer a set of 12 sparkling colors to make your bon bons, chocolate or cakes shine like the stars they are.

coffee syrup

It’s cocoa butter, enlightened…

Zen Cocoa Butter Starter Kit

This 12 color set offers up a collection otherworldly colors derived purely of the earth in a pleasing paradox.

pink tourmaline

Nature’s hues at your fingertips…

Natural Cocoa Butter Painting Kit

Natural creativity comes easily to the hand with this natural painting kit, featuring 10 popular colors, brushes and more.

Baby it’s warm inside!

Cocoa Butter Warming Cabinet

“An incubator for the master baker!” Direct temper your Chef Rubber colored cocoa butter or just proudly observe your colorful collection from four directions.

winco thermometers

Is it getting warm in here?

Winco Thermometers

Equip yourself to become a titan of temperature with this selection of four precision instruments. No matter what you’re cooking up, you’ll find the one that’s right for you!

coffee syrup

Brush up on your artistry!

Starter Brush Kit

This set of 4 brushes is perfect for painting with Chef Rubber colored cocoa butter, among other applications.

It’s a smart way to tart

Tart Shells

LA ROSE NOIRE tart shells are hand-crafted using premium ingredients. These delicious and convenient shells feature biodegradable trays. La Rose Noire is one the world’s leading producers of fine bakery & pastry products. How many do you want?

pink tourmaline

Come take a dip, au naturale…

Natural Water Soluble Powders

These happy-to-be-hydrated colorants are naturally tinted with beets, carrots, spirulina and more. They bring earthly versatility and vibrance to the table, every time!


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Luis Amado

A chocolatier of exceptional vision and detail
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Ron Ben-Israel

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President and Co-Founder of The French Pastry School and The Butter Book
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Susan Notter

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